Jonathan glendening

Jonathan is a multi-award winning feature film director, screenwriter, editor and novelist. 

He made his first film when he was 11 on super 8mm film, it was 'Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back' in 3 minutes. Jonathan spent his teens making Indiana Jones films before finally writing and directing his own original stories. His film 'The Runner' made when he was 14, was shown on the BBC Saturday Morning Picture Show. He regularly won junior film making prizes across England and the film he made for his GCSE in Media Studies 'Call of Darkness', not only got an 'A+' grade but won five awards at the Cork Youth International Film Festival.  The two student videos he made at Bournemouth art college went on to win plaques at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Jonathan started working his way up the film industry heirachy joining a TV series 'Capital City' at Elstree Studios as a runner. Using the nuts and bolts production experience that he learnt Jonathan used the short-ends of 16mm gifted to him by the camera crew to shoot his first 16mm short film, the multi-award winning Roadside. That film led to producer Stephen Wooley to say that Jonathan would 'go on to have a successful career'. It also led to Kenneth Branagh offering Jonathan the chance to work for Robert De Niro on 'Frankenstein'. That in turn led to Jonathan becoming the assistant to director Nicholas Hytner on the Oscar winning 'The Madness of King George'. Simultaneously to working his way up the professional film industry ladder Jonathan continued to make his own short films that culminated in his first feature film.

Summer Rain won numerous accolades around the world including three best film awards. Jonathan has since made four award winning feature films, written several commissioned screenplays, directed branded content films and published his first novel RAVENSWING.


Representation: Archie @ Summer Rain Films
T: +44 (0)1323 482306