Ravenswing is the first novel by film director Jonathan Glendening; it is a visceral, heart-pumping, horror, action, thriller.. It is available on Kindle and on paperback from Amazon and other retailers.

"a page turning nightmare adventure"
Howard J.Ford, Director 'The Dead'

On Halloween, courier and expectant father Michael has to deliver a package to an isolated village by midnight or lose his job. Lost on the dark country roads he's in a violent car crash. he thinks he's killed the driver but the little girl on the back seat is alive. Unfortunately the driver did survive and he's the girl's psychopathic stepfather! He trails them leaving in his wake a trail of blood and murder that is found by a lone police officer, Quinn; and Michael becomes his only suspect. Can Michael 'grow up' and look after the terrified girl? it's Halloween, there's a full blood moon and all roads lead to the mysterious circle of standing stones in Ravenswing.