Jonathan has written a number of commissioned feature film screenplays and 'spec' scripts that have gone onto be optioned by production companies that are in active development. Jonathan also works as a consultant and script doctor and is often brought in to work on existing screenplays.

In development


Commissioned feature screenplays

ELIZA     Period Drama     Shooting Script Films     The truth behind Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion 

ARK      Sci-Fi      MediaPro     An original Sci-Fi epic

TRAIN2R17     Bio-Pic    MediaPro   Based on the life story of Diana Morgan-Hill

THE EAGLES     Adventure    SRF     An adaptation of Simon Scarrow's best selling novel UNDER THE EAGLE


FLAKE CITY     Comedy    An arrogant unemployed young actor finds humility and his muse through an ice cream round.

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI    Adaptation    A cinematic adaptation of John Webster's brutal play.

Commissioned short scripts

NO BALLS     Firebelly Films 

CIRCLE 200    Firebelly Films

NEGATIVE IMAGE     Ravenhead Films


STALKING THE PANZER     WWII Stand off in North Africa

HOME & DRY     Horror about unlicensed taxis

ARROWS OF DESIRE    WWI Battle of the Somme 

THE LAST STAND    A young man is taken out on the town to get over his heartache with dire consequences.

BANDIT'S BEDTIME WALK     Dog walking horror

RIPTIDE BY THE SEA     Quirky slice of life on Brighton seafront, the forerunner to the feature SUMMER RAIN.